Insanity week 2 done!

Yes, that is week 2 is under my belt.


Yesterday was Pure Cardio followed by Cardio Abs! Not really done any abs full on so far so that was tough lol

I managed to get my hands on a heart rate monitor watch with a chest strap from Lidl, tried it out last night but not entirely convinced it was picking up my heart rate correctly, it would be st 140bpm then drop to 25bmp… Do yeah definitely not right. I think my sports bra may have been moving it as once o had finished the workout and took it off I tried it again and it seemed to work fine. Need to see what I am going to do about that for tomorrow.

Today is my rest day and my stomach, sides as well as my arms are feeling a wee bit sore but it’s all good.
Tomorrow is my fit test so will see how far I have come in 2 weeks 🙂


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