Still eating meat free…

I am still going strong with the whole not eating meat thing, and in all honesty I am not really missing it.


I tried these vegetarian Red pepper & chickpea brazilian grills from the Asda Chosen by you range for dinner tonight, and I was actually pleasantly surprised.

They were actually really nice, and I really enjoyed them. Never had a chimichurri sauce before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect which is why I only out it on top of the one grill 🙂 but it was really spicy and went really well with the grills.

When I was shopping at Asda the other day I have to say I was quite disappointed in how little of a vegetarian range they had in the freezer ailse, maybe it was just me. I guess most vegetarians make their own food from scratch, but since I am just starting out I thought pre-made would be a good start to try different things.

I have just been having salads – which my version is just lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and some salad cream. Bit boring eh?

To say I am in need of inspiration and meal ideas is a bit of an understatement! Pinterest is a great place, but it’s all over the place really. And I don’t know any vegetarians to help me out get started lol


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One thought on “Still eating meat free…

  • July 31, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    My daughter is a vegetarian herself and the most important thing is to get your protein in somehow either in beans or cottage cheese, milk, protein shakes or something because otherwise your iron can go low. But she had the the same problem you are when she started trying to find things to eat and still keep her meals interesting and not boring! LOL Good luck hun

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