Halloween Haul 2021

So Halloween is my favourite holiday and whilst I loved to decorate and already have a ton of stuff I just couldn’t help adding some few more bits and bobs, cause you can never have enough right?

Now either I have left it too late to start Halloween shopping, the shops have very little stock or people have gone nuts and bought it all up as nearly every shop I went into had a tiny section – or didn’t have the items I was looking for. Certainly if you are on the lookout for Christmas items you will have loads of choice (and i’m talking about it Christmas stuff being on the shelves from the end if Aug!


First up was a stop to Pound Stretchers – we have had a hanging skeleton for the better part of 12 years but last year when taking him down, he gave up the ghost and lost and an arm, so I was on the lookout for a new a Fred to hang (yeah we named him lol)

The wicked gel skulls I was ideally needing two packets but this was the last one so had to get another from a different shop and it wasn’t until got home that I realised that the were different type of skulls,,…. never mind I will mix them up on the side windows anyway.

And lastly from here was this cute little ‘Tis the season to be spooky sign. Not sure where to hang this from a the moment, door or tree, but will now better when I get the rest of the decorations out.

Total spent: £3.49


Next stop was poundland – usually a haven for halloween dec, the store I went to was practically empty of anything I had on my list to buy!

I did manage to get my hands on Pin the Skull on the skeleton and witch hat hoopla party games – I am hoping the kids will love them as much I am sure I will lol

Picked up bleeding tapered candles – though when I got home forgot that I don’t have any candlestick/holders for them,,, so either have to find some halloween kind or improvise with empty wine or cider bottles (oh the hardship of having the drink them first lol)

And lastly from here and Beware sign that I am going to put in the garden.

Total spent: £4.00


B&M was my next stop, visited two different stores and this was all I managed to get my hands on -I am hoping upon hope they will be getting more stock in *fingers crossed* as there was a ton I have wishisted from here.

I was lucky my mum spotted the Boo light hidden some coloured hair spray! The Spooky light I got at another store which looked like had just had delivery of them, it will look great on the wall. Boo lights up white and the spooky is a neon green.

The multicoloured halloween lights are going on the tree a the pumpkin ones I had on it last year I have earmarked to go somewhere else.

And of course I just had to get a new pumpkin carving kit – this one comes with some stencils so will get the kids to choose what one they want to do and get them a wee pumpkin each.

Total spent: £21 – by far my most expensive shopping haul

One Below

This was by far the best in terms of stock – I could have bought a ton but it would have been thing that I didn’t really need, so I just stuck to getting things that I knew I had my eye on.

I got some large googly eyes – I am thinking of putting them on the fridge freezer, new spider web with spiders the other gel skulls and some wall stickers to put on the kids bedroom door.

Also since I couldn’t get the hanging witches hats from poundland that I was after I picked up black paper pom poms instead (I tried to make one and I got completely stumped as to how to make them – a quick youtube search later I had it worked out!

And the a happy halloween balloon banner that will either go across the window or on the wall.

Total spent: £8.00 i think, I can’t find the receipt

Here is my gel window skulls that I thought were the same – I wish I picked up two from One Below (orange set) now, but hey how I will mix them up on the side windows on the bay window, unless I can get back to either shop soon as I don’t think I could handle them being different. I like things to be symmetrical with things like this lol

Now all I need to do is find the box with all the other decorations and make a start on getting the house all spooky-fied, aiming to get that down this week sometime.

Do you decorate for Halloween? Go all out or just a few bits and bobs?
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  • October 4, 2021 at 4:09 pm

    This is a great haul. You got some fantastic bargains. We are planning on getting some decorations soon, I hope the shops still have some left. x

  • October 6, 2021 at 8:04 am

    Thank you so much for sharing I went out yesterday to find Halloween party decorations and couldn’t figure out where to go!

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