Goals for September


Goals for September

A new month means a whole new list of things I want to do over the course of the month. I used to tie this into my Tuesday 10 linky, but I have kinda given that up as no was really taking part and I got downhearted just doing it for myself. 


1.  Celebrate our 10 year anniversary child free 

I am not sure how we are actually going to do this as it falls in a Wednesday this year, but think Lee is working on something.

2. Push my Scentsy and get more parties booked 

I already have one party and a fair booked 🙂 yay excited!

3. Continue to do my daily journaling

I actually just got my new book as I am getting three to fours months out of it. I have missed days but generally do every day, finding it a great source of personal therapy.

4. Sort out the kids room

We have too much stuff in general, but the kids room is just bursting. I have been doing bits here and there but really need to get a full on blitz done ASAP

5. Start to lose weight.

I have creeped up the scales a notch or two – who am i kidding more like three and I am feeling yucky. Really need so shift it.


Keeping it short and sweet and relatively easy to achieve this month. Whats on your goals for the month?



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