#30DaysHarryPotter Days one – three



So as part of my bid to get back into blogging my friend Alyson over at A Life Lived in Words, has set up at 30 blogging challenge with prompts all around Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter though I am not a Potter head by any mean, so I think I may find this challenge hard to do.

However, rather than doing them daily as I don’t think I will have really long and elaborate answers to give, I thought I would do a few days at time – like today’s post 🙂

Day One : My Favourite Harry Potter Book

I have to admit it has been so long since I actually read the books compared to watching the movies (which we watch a lot at the kids are getting into them) and I dont think I could say that I loved one more than the other but if I have to pick it would be The Order of the Phoenix. Yes this is the insane 750+ page book, but for me I enjoyed it as we really see Harry grow as a character, after everything that has happened prior. Not only that we see more about Snape as well.

Day Two: My Favourite Harry Potter Movie

I really loved the first one as it was more magical and really set the premise for the rest, then the change of director and the books turning dark when we got to the Prisoner of Azkaban saw me love The Goblet of Fire – I loved reading about the TriWizard tournament.

All in all I actually really like all the movies and love to have a Potter marathon every once and a while.

Day Three : The Harry Potter Movie Changes That Annoyed Me Most

Eeek! I have to pass on this one, I really am not that much of potterhead to really bother too much about the changes – ie – I cant actually remember the books to movies)



I am only now realising how hard the challenge will be for me….. eek!


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