Hello September



Wow I can’t believe it is September already, I haven’t been blogging all summer which is really a bad thing as we did so much. I am definitely a Autumn/Winter blogger for sure.

I really lose my mojo in the summer months, I am actually forcing myself to even post this today as I really do want to get back into the swing of things, ha! I say that all the time and always fall through, but hoping to stick to it at least twice a week.

The kids are back to school, Jack is now in P3 and Max is in his pre-school nursery year. Little Miss will be starting nursery in April after the Easter holidays and I can’t wait – she is so ready to go and thing she will really come into her own when she does start.

Speaking of little Miss we have cracked potty training with her!! Yes!! She is an absolute star at going potty during the day and even brilliant on short car journeys. We are still to do the night time but that can wait its no biggy, we are getting there as she hates putting a nappy on night now so going to get some pads for under the sheets so if she does have an accident it wont spoil the mattress.


I had my first even Scentsy Party a few weeks ago, and I it cemented my feeling for Scentsy, I am loving being a consultant for them and I am making more money in the short 6 months I have been with them than I ever did the whole time I was going Avon. And the best of it is I dont need to deliver book or anything it can all be done online in my jammies. I have another party booked this month and one in October already!! Happy Days!


I love September as it is the start of Autumn, the dark nights start to drawing in and the leaves being to change. September is also my birthday month and our anniversary month.

I will be 35 years old on the 17th and we will be celebrating 10 years together on the 14th”


We are planning on going away for a few night but nothing set in stone yet.

Anyhow, just a little post to drop by and say hi! I have a few posts in the pipeline in drafts for this month, just need to remember and publish them this time, as I found a few from August.


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