#Blogtober19 Favourite horror movies

Horror movies – scary, campy, gory, bloody – you name it I will watch it, I grew up watching the classic Hammer Horror movies. Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Boris Karloff – they were my favourite horror actors, and to be honest nothing beats the old classics.

Now a days it is all special effects and lots of gore – sometimes unnecessary – but these are the ones to give the most jump-scares.

5 favourite horror movies


Well seeing as it is almost upon us, it is also one of my all time fave’s – not so keen on the recent additions to the franchise.

Halloween 1978 Main Theme


I hate clowns but this is one that I can watch and be scared. I wasn’t sure when I heard of the remake and like the orginal but boy is it brilliant!

Psycho/The Birds

These are my fave Hitchcock movies


I could go on a on but I really need to stop! But think this will do for the moment….

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