#Blogtober19 Goals for October

Its October, my all time favourite month. Its full blown autumn, the dark nights are setting in, the heating is on and the weather is crap. We don’t get a lot of crisp October days here in Scotland but when we do I like to make the most of them.

So for this month I am trying think on what to achieve rather than set specific goals –previous months have been failures and that is on my part for not keeping up with the blog or managing to get my arse in gear and paint.

That being said in all honesty I think I set the bar too high in thinking I could decorate the kids room, so much needs done to it first before I can tackle the walls.

So here is what I want to achieved for this month:

Home Goals:

—> Decorate for Halloween!
I love Halloween and I love to decorate the house – if I could I would have it all up right now! But in theory I tend to decorate about the 20th and leave it until the first weekend of November. (then I start planning to decorate for xmas lol)

—> Paint the hall
Mum bought me the paint for the hall all I need is to find the tray and roller and a day I can dedicate to painting it – preferable when the kids are at school. Looking at maybe sometime in the next week.

—> TeamTOMM
I have been on top of this and I am going to continue with the plan. I have tweaked it to work for my needs as there are several days where the topic doesn’t apply – outdoors for example. I have the level one jobs down now, some days I slip and no do anything and I really notice the different the state of the house. I refuse to do any housework on the weekends other than the dishes obviously and any washing but other than that nothing else (hoover as required obvioulsy)

—> Dig out the slowcooker
Autumn brings the nights drawing in and the time for comfort food. I aim to use the slow cooker more and make more hearty autumnal foods.

Health & Well-being

—> Yoga
I really want to find a class but the ones that are available conflict with kids clubs and hubby. So I guess I need to resort to using Amazon Prime and do it at home.

—> Go to bed earlier
At the moment I am awake on my phone until at least midnight (sometimes later) but with the darker evenings my hope is to get the kids to bed early and follow not long after them. Hopefully will be in a better mood in the morning if I get more sleep… that’s the theory right??

Not to bad and fairly reasonable for me to achieve…. *fingers crossed*

What is something you want to achieve this month?

This has been my first post for this #blogtober19 series be sure to check back tomorrow for the next instalment.


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3 thoughts on “#Blogtober19 Goals for October

  • October 2, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    Good luck with your goals!
    I am planning to do a few things you are. Decorate for Halloween. I must keep my fella and kids in check and not let them go too crazy and I’m planning on painting our hall and up the stairs too.
    I need to start going to bed earlier too. It’s so easy to stay up when everyone else is in bed and it’s quiet down here. x

  • October 2, 2019 at 11:14 pm

    How we women push ourselves. You can only do what you can do and good enough is good enough. I miss my slow cooker – makes other things more achievable when the dinner is bubbling away. #Blogtober19

  • October 5, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    Good luck with these! I keep reading about TOMM and every now and then do a day but I’ve never gotten into the routine of doing it properly, I really should start and get on top of things! x

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