The Tue 10 #57 – Goals for June

 Its Tuesday, and that means its time for this weeks edition of the Tuesday 10!

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Offt I am late to my own party this week! Eek I may just get this posted before it turns into Wednesday

This week it is back to GOALS for JUNE and I for can’t believe that it is JUNE already! Where is this year going….?

1. Keep up my daily to do list

This has been the best thing I have started! I am more focused each day now that I can see what I want to achieve in the time frame I have between school hours ect

2. Pen Pal letter

I am having so much fun doing letters and get them back in return. I am trying work our a system to get organised though so I dont lose the letters as I dont always write back that day – not possible with the 3 kids demanding my attention!

3. Go to bed early

I am staying up way to late at the moment and in turn it is making me cranky in the morning, and since I am no longer drinking the energy drinks to get me by during the day I am something of a nightmare to be around!! eek


4. Clean out my many email inbox’s and get them more organised!

My book blog email is currently the only one that is semi organised with labels, but I still need to clean out the old emails relating to tours form last year = this is going to take me ages next month to do as I have 3 main gmail accounts and each one needs a major clean.

5. Go on holiday

We are going back to the caravan again this year and I am so looking forward to it! The kids are too 🙂

6. Sort out my music folders

I have an insane amount of music on my computer and external hard drive and I want to get them organised, get rid of duplicates and also get some onto my phone. I found some of my golden oldie dance music the other day and it brought back so many good memories 🙂

7. Read, Read and Read,

I seriously need to up my reading speed! I am down to review so many books lately that it is just insane, I am going to finish up what I can in June and leave July free with maybe a few reviews since its summer

8. Get back into meal planning ===== AGAIN

I fail miserable at sticking to this, mainly because I am the one who always does the cook and if I am honest I don’t really like cooking! Though I am making some new dishes that are turning out pretty well that I need to change my meal plan up a little now.



What’s your goals for the month?

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