#BlogTober19 31 Horror Movies in 31 Days part 1

So I have been running a day behind on my movies but I almost managed to catch up over the weekend. Here is my first ‘week’ of spooky movies:

All the below movies are currently available on Netflix UK, please check you regional accounts.

1 Happy Death Day

Oh this was was cheesy, like a horror version of Groundhog Day except it was not in the least bit scary, it was quite laughable in parts and I have to admit I skipped a few death scenes as it was getting boring and tedious.

Classed as a horror comedy you can see why, it features Tree who relives her birthday over and over getting killed each time until she figures out who it is. I have to admit I had no idea who it was that was killing her over and over so that was the only thing going for it.

Good for laughs but not for scares.

Rating – 15
Scare level – 0
Gore level – maybe a 2

2 Down a Dark Hall

Another disappointment – I have not started this horror marathon off well have i!? first it was Uma Thrumans atrocious french accent – which she let slip quite a few times to the acting of the main character Kit.

Kit along with 4 other troubled girls are sent to a boraing shcool in the middle of no where, being taught the usual, maths, litrature, music etc. Only each girl starts to develop rather quickly the qualities of each subject with astounding degree of brilliance. How is this possible?

This was was supposed to be creepy and chilling but instead it left me bored and when the eventual reveal of how the five students suddenly got their talents from happens it went down like a lead balloon. There were a few creepy moments that redeemed the movie a little but overall it was too slow, too boring and I think I will go read the book in stead.

Rating – 18
Scare level – 2
Gore level – 3 ( towards the end)

3 I am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

This was another slow starter, but I persevered. Lily has been appointed as a live in nurse for an author Iris Blum who is nearing the end. The feel of the movie was there, but nothing happens, and even something does it is boring and to be honest this movie does not stand out for me. In fact sitting down to write this post I had to rematch the trailer above to remind myself.

This isnt in least bit scary, and if you are looking to fall asleep then this is the movie for you!

Rating – 15
Scare level – 3
Gore level – 0

4 Escape Room

Oh my! This was a poor mans version so SAW. I love the saw movies, but this one fell flat and doesn’t even begin to compare to them. Three couples end up heading to an escape room experience blindfolded and you watch as they solver fairly simple puzzles, before 5 of them realise one is missing and their lives are in danger! The deaths were mediocre at best, the acting was slightly terrible and there was not a single one who you rooted for to survive as there was little done in the way of character development to want to like any of them. There was a bit more gore in this one but it wasn’t scary, there seemed to be some hint of twist ending but that never materialised and left you with more questions than answers. I hope there is NOT another one – leave these to the SAW guys!

Rating – 15
Scare level – 0
Gore level – 4

5 Red Riding Hood

This was my saving grace this week! Whilst I would not class this is a strictly a horror, it was more thriller-esq. Featuring Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman, the village of Daggerhorn is plagued by a wolf that they appease every full moon by sacrificing their best livestock but when Valerie (Seyfried ) sister Lucie is killed by the wolf, they call upon Father Solomon (Oldman) for help.

I thought I had the wolf pegged but then soon discovered I was wrong! I enjoyed this adaptions of the story of Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf by the Brothers Grimm

Rating – 12
Scare level – 1 more suspense than scary
Gore level – 2

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