6 Reasons To Take The Kids To Iceland

There are a lot of places in the world that get left behind. When you think of where you want to visit on your annual family holiday, it’s unlikely that Iceland is a country that pops up for you. Most holidays are, in the mind of a parent, one directed as a holiday. So, sun, sea, sand, sangria and other ‘s’ words that can be associated with long and unspoilt beaches, sunbathing and generally relaxing are what you look for!

Fortunately, a lot of trips that come on in the secondary school years give the kids the chance to go away to places that aren’t always the focus for parents. I know, it’s scary to think of the time when the kids are old enough for trips away without parents. That’s a whole other thing to think about that comes with worry! School trips to Iceland especially are actually on the up due to the diversity of the region and the different things for science and geography students to do there. As a family, visiting Iceland on an adventure is exciting and something that every family should have a chance to do at least once. Unspoilt environments, stunning natural wonders and a third of the island volcanically active, you cannot get away from the education you and the kids receive just visiting. We’ve even put together a list of reasons why for you, so that you can’t think of reasons NOT to go!

1. Cheap Flights: Going to Iceland from the UK is monumentally cheaper than other destinations, purely because years ago, Iceland began a campaign for tourist attraction and cheaper air fare was that exact result. Getting there is cheaper than flying to a long-haul destination with crystal clear oceans and it’s a relatively short flight too!

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2. Affordability: Iceland has always been said to be an expensive holiday destination, and it was until the banking crisis that hit Europe some years back. Tourism has become the key earner for Iceland and with the free meals for kids on offer in some restaurants and the fantastic family discounts available, you can’t beat the affordability in Iceland.

3. Landscape & Scenery: The beauty of Iceland will take your breath away. You will never see anything else like it. It’s a geologically active country, with tectonic plates that still move to the point the shape of the country is still changing. Full of volcanic activity, the country’s waterfalls, lakes, geysers, volcanic lava, glaciers and fjords present so many opportunities for learning and admiration. The great outdoors has never been greater!

4. Kid-Friendly Activities: It’s all about being outdoors in Iceland. Most of the things to do for kids aren’t often found in the UK but horse riding, kayaking in clear waters, watching the geysers and waterfalls, bird and whale watching, Viking museums and more are on offer for families here. Add all the discounts you can find for children and you won’t be out of pocket in Iceland. Taking a dip in geothermically heated pools is also a treat and as they come with heated slides, you and the kids won’t be able to get enough!

5. The Food: With a focus on fresh and pure ingredients direct from the Icelandic farms, you won’t eat better. Iceland has dairy products that are some of the finest in the world. Other delicious options include Belgian waffles, marzipan, hot chocolate and freshly caught fish.

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6. Adventure: Iceland has so much to offer families and particularly the sense of adventure you and the children will experience. There’s nothing like travelling round and viewing the geysers explode and spit their steamy water. Creating fantastic memories in places like the Skafatel National Park and in hiking around the glaciers isn’t something you would ever get to experience anywhere else. Iceland may well be underrated, but with the help of tourism it is booming as a country again and attracts people from all over the world. Seeing natural wonders in all their splendour and enjoying a cup of steaming Icelandic hot chocolate is all part of the package.

Enjoying a family holiday is one thing, but doing it somewhere unexpected is quite another. If it’s good enough for the schools that your children go to, then it’s definitely good enough for you as a family to go and explore somewhere off the beaten holiday track. Shy away from Sicily and Sweden this year and embrace Iceland with open arms. You won’t regret it, and the kids will love it. What more could you want?



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