Take the Stress Out of Planning Your Wedding

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Planning your wedding and getting married to your fiancé should be one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life, but for many couples, it is nothing more than months and months of stress, worries about money and family fights. So, if you don’t want your wedding to be memorable for all the wrong reasons, take a look at the following tips to help take the stress out of planning your wedding:


Recruit Helpers

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You don’t have to do it all yourself. If you have friends who are organized, on the ball and love weddings, enlist them to help you with everything from choosing a venue to organizing the entertainment. If you have some extra cash to spare, you could also consider hiring a professional wedding planner, who will banish stress from your life in an instant!


Book Early

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If you want to get married in a particular place at a particular time, you will need to move quickly. Many of the most sought after wedding venues get booked up years in advance, so you can’t afford to leave it until the last minute if you don’t want to be disappointed.


Apply for a Marriage Licence

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You should also look into marriage license requirements for the country/state you are getting married in and ensure that you and your fiancée meet all the rules as soon as possible. After all, you can’t get married without a licence!


Draw Up a Budget

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If you want to avoid worrying about money when you should be feeling excited about your wedding, it is imperative that you draw up a budget. The size of your budget will determine every aspect of your planning, so this is something you should do straight away if you want to get on with the more important tasks of buying a wedding dress and choosing a venue.


Work Out Your Guest List

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You will need to decide on your guest list before you can send out wedding invitations, so again, this is something you need to sort out early on. Working out who to invite can be difficult, especially if you want to avoid family arguments on your big day, so you should set aside a decent bit of time and consult with other family members, if possible, to avoid any possible conflicts.


You will also need to take into account your budget and how many people you can afford to cater for before drawing up a final list. If your budget is tight, but you don’t want to leave anyone out, invite lower-priority guests to the evening reception only.


Another thing you might want to think about is whether or not you want to have children at the wedding. If you’re the type who loves kids and doesn’t mind having them around, by all means invite them, but if you would prefer a grown-up affair with no tantrums or little accidents, you’ll have to work out a polite way of letting your guests know that you are throwing a child-free event. If your budget allows, you could perhaps hire a nanny and an extra room where the kids can play for the day.


The Theme

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Most brides set a theme for their wedding these days, even if it is just a ‘white wedding theme, which is practically not a theme at all! When choosing a theme, you should think about what best suits your personality and the personality of your fiancée. You will also want to pick a theme that the majority of your guests will be happy to go along with. Popular themes include country garden parties, tea dances, vintage and shabby chic, but feel free to go crazy and do something a bit more unusual if you’re a quirkily kind of bride.


The Dress

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Your wedding dress is probably the focal point of the whole event, so it is only natural you will want to wow. When dress shopping, visit as many different places as you can and take as much time as you need trying dresses on. Take along a few trusted friends to give their honest opinion, and make sure you are buying a dress that suits your shape. You should also be sure to buy your dress in enough time to have any alterations done.


The Venue

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There are so many great venues that it can be difficult to choose the one that is perfect for you. Luckily, thanks to the internet, you can view a staggering number of venues from your own home, and use your research to draw up a shortlist. Once you have narrowed down your choices, be sure to visit each venue to check it really is as good as it claims to be online.


When visiting the venue, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable about your choice, and always ask what is and is not included in the price of their wedding packages.


The Food

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Food plays a huge role in any wedding, so it is important that you get it right. Most wedding caterers will allow you to sample a menu before you make any commitment and this is something you really should do to ensure you get the best food available to you. This goes for bakers when looking for the perfect wedding cake too.


The Entertainment

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Good entertainment can mean the difference between getting all your guests up on the dance floor for an unforgettable night and a boring, bland reception that people can’t wait to leave. So, do spend some money in getting the perfect evening’s entertainment. A live band is always a good option because they will be able to engage with your guests and make the evening fun, but a good DJ and an eclectic playlist can be as good, if not better, as getting guests up out of their seats.


If you pay attention to the above tips, take everything in your stride and take the time to relax and enjoy quality time with your partner, you should have no trouble creating the perfect wedding without more than the mildest hint of stress.



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