The Proposal: A Woman’s Job?

Marriage is an age old institution that is still going strong today. Chances are, as a little girl you dreamed of finding your prince and someday getting married in the ceremony of your dreams – this is something even many adults ponder about too when staring out of the window at work! If you have been with your significant other for some time now, you have probably already spoken about the idea of getting married. Traditionally, the man is the one who proposes to the woman (in a heterosexual relationship). But can it ever work the other way around? If you have been toying with the idea of proposing to your boyfriend, here are some things you may need to consider.

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Are you doing it just for the sake of it?

If you have been together for a few years already, you may have watched fellow couples ride off into the sunset together, happily married. You and your partner may have even attended the weddings of peers who have been together for much less time than the two of you. If he shows no signs of proposing to you anytime soon (no matter how many hints you have dropped), you may feel like taking matters into your own hands and popping the question yourself. But before you do so, stop and think about the situation. Do you really NEED to get married right now, just because other couples are doing so? Bring up the topic of marriage with him and see how he reacts – he may have every intention of asking you to marry him, but just not for a while yet.

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People will have an opinion on it

We all have those friends and relatives who, for all intents and purposes, are just a little bit set in their ways. The idea of a woman proposing to her man might strike them as a little bit on the zany side, and they may not necessarily be supportive of you. Of course, once the deed has been done they can’t really say much – not when you and your fiance are sporting stunning diamond engagement rings on each finger! But try and be diplomatic and bring them around to your way of thinking about it – teach them that just because it’s unusual doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

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Will he feel undermined if you ask?

While there is no rule set in stone that says a woman cannot propose to a man, typically, it has always been ‘a man’s job.’ After all, how many Hollywood movies have you seen where the woman gets down on one knee and asks her lover to make an honest woman of her? You may be completely liberal and see no problem in there being some crossover between male and female gender stereotypes. But before you say the words, consider whether your potential husband would feel the same. The proposal might, in his head, be a chance for him to do something really special for you, and if you get there first that takes it away from him.



What are your thoughts on the Woman proposing? Would you do it?




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