Creative Projects To Do With Your Children

When it comes to spending quality time with the kids, most of us all happily fall into the tried and tested ways of having fun, like going to the cinema or going to the park for a picnic. Absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things! However, you don’t have to do only those things. There’s a whole host of ways to have fun, and also get your family’s creative juices flowing at the same time. And the best part? When it’s all over, you’ll have created something of real value (well, to you at least) and you might just have set your child on their way to a lifelong passion.


A Family Band

We’re not expecting you to become the next Jackson 5 or Osmond Family, but success isn’t what’s important: the process of creating music and being together is! Even if no one in your family has the musical chops necessary to create a classic hit, you can still create that “family band” and have fun. If you have any instruments whatsoever, you’ll almost certainly be able to play a song or two – some of the most popular songs in history are ridiculously easy to play! After that, it’s all about the vocals. Can’t sing? No worries, put four people together and the harmonies will always be passable.


On The Big Screen

Creating a short film is one of the most rewarding, fun activities you can do – and it’s so simple! Invest in a GoPro or use your iPhone for filming, look at Macbooks from M Suite and you’ll have iMovie, raid your old clothes for costumes, and hey presto, you have all the ingredients you need to make a film. Once you have the tools, it’s all about coming up with a fun script – the wackier the better – and getting it on tape. Think outside the box, wear make up, and go on an adventure! It’s what the movies are all about. You’ll be bringing the magic of Hollywood right into your home!


Performing for the Teddies

If you don’t want to through the technical aspects of editing a film, then you could go live and perform on the stage. There’ll be no need to get the jitters, though – your audience will be comprised entirely of teddies and/or a token family member. Get your children together and brainstorm ideas. Kids always have the most vivid imaginations; let them run wild and see what story you can come up with. Your kids will love acting and we’re sure the stuffed animals will enjoy the show!


Ooooo, Magic!

As an adult, you know that absolutely everybody loses a person who can do magic. You won’t quite be reaching those heights, but you can still make the most of simple magic tricks and put on a show. This is a smaller production, so it might be better if you let your kids put on the show (with your help) and you can be the receptive audience. No heckling allowed, though!




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