Dressing For Comfort But Keeping Your Style

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Whether you are a full time mum, you work from home or you just enjoy a nice long, chilled out weekend you may find that getting glammed up is the last thing you want to do.  However, it can be awkward if you are rushing about the house in an old tracksuit and suddenly, your doorbell rings.

Thankfully, being comfortable and stylish are pretty simple to achieve, you just need to have a few key pieces in your wardrobe and you will never look off trend again.

Firsty, the culotte has taken a huge rise in popularity.  For some you may have visions of your mum parading around in the most embarrassing trousers you have seen since your dad’s bell bottoms disaster.  Fret not, the uber cool fashion designers have bought this trend bang up to date.  Teamed with a well fitted shirt or dressed down with a bell sleeved tee shirt, you can have the ultimate comfy outfit whilst regaining effortless chic.  Due to the shape of culottes they do not favour any particular shape so you can experiment with the look no matter your height or size.  Stick to plain colours over bold prints as this should be a simple style without too much fuss.

If you hate pyjamas but crave the comfy feeling loose fitting trousers afford you then boyfriend jeans are amazing and what is greater still is that you don’t even need a boyfriend to grab yourself a pair.  Ultra low waist bands with plenty of room to move around, the style is meant to look casual and messed up, so you don’t even need to worry if you spill anything on them.  The more stained and slashed these jeans, the better.  You can dress up your boyfriend jeans a little with a super cool white shirt and a black jacket, or keep it casual with a slogan tee.  Hair in a bun and minimal make up, you will have everyone wondering how you manage to look so on trend when you just chuck things on.

If you are expecting a guest but still want to dress down then look at investing in a shirt dress.  These fabulous wardrobe staples can be worn bare legged and boosted with accessories or, you can bring them down with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans and a comfy pair of uggs.  Or your slippers if you are really chilling.  Keep it loose and go with white or pastels to stay on trend with the spring vibes.  If you are stepping out, a shirt dress will look just as good with a sky high heel as it does with a Converse trainer.  

Relaxing at home doesn’t have to mean a day in your onesie losing all fashion credibility.  With some carefully chosen key items and a little bit of effort you can look just as on trend as you do when you hit the high street.

That said, maybe we all need a onesie day once in awhile? Right?





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