#TheTue10 93. Classes I’d like to take

Its Tuesday, and that means its time for this weeks edition of #theTuesday10


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1.Language Classes

I have always wanted to learn a language as most of you know Russian especially, but think an actual class lesson would be a better environment to learn.

2. Accountancy Course

Not talking about a full on Accountant Degree or anything but just a basic account course to allow to me do better at my self employment stuff and or possibly hubbys as well…

3. Art Class

Ok I cant draw to save myself, but I have seen and heard of Art and Wine classes in America – don’t think they are over yet will need to check – and this sounds like my cup of tea, nothing too serious and you can do to the best of your ability without it being shit hot.

4. Make up course

I have done a half day thing a few years ago and it was good but would love to do a longer course as my make up skills are sorely lacking despite being almost 35 years of age!

5. The Art Of Selfies

Apparently this is a course! Though the link isn’t working that I was trying to find, never mind this would be quite fun

6. Criminology course

I would love to do one of those taster courses in Criminology – not sure why just find it interesting

7. Calligraphy

I remember having a calligraphy set in the house when I was younger and I used to love writing with a fountain pen. When I see calligraphy writing I just love it.

8. Indian Cookery course

We love our curries in this house, but there is so much more and I would love to learn to make my own authentic curries




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