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Now as you know from following my monthly goals that I have been going to tidy my bedside for months on end and now I have received this to review I now I have a purpose to do it! I have been looking for something quirky to display some of my jewellery 

This arrived in a plastic mail bag wrapped in packing foam, it also is in two pieces, it is really easy to assemble, you just click the tree into the base and it is a very tight and secure fit. It is about 27cm high and it has a fair amount of branches to hang necklaces, earrings and bracelets from.



It is made from really strong plastic and I love the quirky design of it. The tree can hold a fair amount of jewellery and the tray base is perfect for earrings, watches and various other small pieces of jewellery.

I have to say I am no overly keen on the green colour, but it is definitely growing on me! It is also available in purple, rose red and white.



I looks lovely on my bedside table, not all I have to do is go through all my other jewellery and see what else I wan to display and what I want to put in my jewellery box that I got for xmas (which I still haven’t set up yet!)

* I received this product heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review *


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