[Review] Teeth Whitening Strips by SMILE:Now

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This a 14 day supply of teeth whitening strips, with a whiting pen.
Each packet had two strips one for the top and one for the bottom so 28 strips in total. I only applied the top strips as felt the bottom ones were too big for my mouth and it felt uncomfortable.

They are really easy to apply and peel off easily after 30 min – if you try to take the strip off before hand it will be quite gummy and sticky. You simply open the packet then peel off the strip you desire – top or bottom then apply to your teeth.
I did not use the whitening pen as it is unbranded with no information on it at all and I didn’t feel comfortable putting something that I had no idea what it was in my teeth or mouth.


Unfortunately I only manged to use one weeks worth as I had to get some emergency dental work done and still currently getting work done and I don’t want to risk using this just at the moment, however, I did note that there was difference in my teeth colour – I have a vaneer that is not a different colour to the rest!

Overall I am happy with the strips, but feel the pen should have some form of branding and ingredients.

You can purchase yours from Amazon

*I received this product heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion*


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