#TheTue10 91. Things to do this spring

Its Tuesday, and that means its time for this weeks edition of #theTuesday10


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Spring has sprung, the light nights are coming and the weather is picking up, what are planning on doing this Spring?

1. Gardening

We don’t have a garden, but this the perfect time to get all green fingered and plant new seeds, tidy up after winter.

2. Visit a farm

We had great fun at Halloween at the East Links farm and now the weather is getting better it would be an ideal time to check it out again. Especially seeing the little spring lambs  🙂

3.  Go the park

We have a beautiful park that has some lovely woodlands walks, it would be a great time to go for walks now the dry weather is here (almost anyway as it is Scotland after all!)

4. Feed the ducks

Something nice and simple and free! The kids would love this especially if there are swans around

5. Visit the farmers’ market

I keep forgetting about them over winter but the 1st Friday of every month the Market is in town and I would love to check it out and get some home grown veggies

6. Bird watching

Go for a drive to somewhere in the countryside and dig out the binoculars and see what birds you can find

7. Spring Clean

This one is mostly for the parents, and I for one cant wait to get stuck in the loft and get rid of stuff!

8.  Go for a hike

Up in Calander there are some lovely trails that are kid friendly, these would be good to combine with the birdwatching 

9. Make the most of the long nights

10. Get outdoors




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