#SoundWalkerheadset Soundwalker -Comfortable Headset with Adjustable Volume



* I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review *

Soundwalker -Comfortable Headset with Adjustable Volume


I love these headphones especially the design. They look like they should be more expensive for the price you pay for them.
These headphones have a well padded headband with “soundwalker” in purple stitching on the top, and it is comfortable on your head. The ear muffs are well padded also and fit snug over your ears and block out sound really well. The ear muffs also feature a skull design which I loved.
Also there is plenty of movability with the ear pieces.


There is no loss of sound at all with these headphones and if produces good quality sound = I listen to a lot of metal and bass music and there was no distortion.
As for comfort they are fantastic, I have small ears and then tend to feel squished if I wear headphone of this style for too long but these were really comfortable to wear and my ears didn’t feel squished or sore when I took them off

The wire is flat and features a volume control with also has a mic, I haven’t used the mic yet but the range of the volume is brilliant and it is smooth to use.


Overall I am loving these headphones and I use them all the time now especially at night when I am watching movies on my phone as I can have it a loud as I want without waking my partner up. These headphones arrived well packaged and secure in the box.


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