(Review] Mibuu Double Walled Glass Cup


Mibuu Double Walled Glass Cup 

I received a 2 pack of the Mini Mibuu 100ml glasses, they arrived really quick after ordering and the glasses come in a beautiful presentation box with a ribbon carry handle.

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The glasses themselves are handmade and are double walled – making them perfect for hot or cold substances. The idea behind the double wall glass means that the heat from a hot drink does not reach the outer wall, in turn meaning you can easily hold a scalding hot drink in your hand without getting burned. The same also applies for freezing cold drinks. The double wall also means hot drinks will stay hotter for longer.

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They are the perfect size for espresso coffee or in my case tea = I tend to make a little pot of loose tea up and I find these little glasses just the perfect size for my tea sessions.

The glass has a slight bevel to it making in comfortable to hold and despite the thickness the lip is curved yet comfortable drink out off.

I couldn’t see anywhere on the box stating if they were dishwasher safe (though it does state in on the Amazon product information) and I am yet to try them in it, therefore I have just been hand washing them.

2016-03-23 09.25.32

This would make an excellent gift to any coffee or even tea drinker and presentation box it arrived in is a added bonus

* I received this product heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review*


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