#TheTue10 87. Goals for March

Its Tuesday, and that means its time for this weeks edition of #theTuesday10!


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So far last months goals were a bust! However, they are going to get done in March right reason or none! Most have been moved from last months post

1. Continue with my water intake

I have been doing really well drinking only water and the occasional cup of tea. I have only slipped one day when I had a Lucozade (for which I felt crap afterwards) I am feeling a lot better and not got any headaches which means it is time to move on with the sugar cull

2. Start to cut out other sugars

3. Tidy my bedside table.

It is still currently a complete mess and just stuff everywhere. So I really need to get that cleared and get my jewellery box all sorted.

4.  Pen pal letters / postcards
I am still behind on my letters and I need to get new postcards so I can send some out on post crossing.

5. WoW
Spent some time and get my horde to 100 :) just for fun

6. Make-up / toiletries
I really need to sort through all the many bags of makeup and toiletries that are kicking about the house and bathroom. Most of the make-up must me well out date, in fact I think I may even have stuff that is pre dating or make-up!!

7.  Clothes
Sort through and get rid





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