#TheTue10 #67 – Goals for August

 Its Tuesday, and that means its time for this weeks edition of the Tuesday 10!

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I have missed a ton of Tue 10s, inhave been so busy with reviews, reading and the kids that my heart hasn’t been in blogging.

This week’s theme is our goals for this month.

1. Get Jack organised for school
He goes back to school on the 19th, and I have yet to get his supplies! That will need to get done the next time I have access to the car (we are a 1 car family again and it sucks majorly!)

2. Detox
I have a book to review that is a 10 day detox and I can’t wait to get started on this.

3. Daily to do list
I fell away doing this and I really noticed a difference. So I am going to get back into it and stick it out.

4. Toucan boxes with Jack
We have accumulated 12 of these toucan craft boxes and I am determined to get them done by the end of the month.

5. Daily Challenge app
I got downloaded this app called Daily Challenge ages and it gives you one thing to do each day and you if you check it off you get points. Yesterday was thank someone and today is do 10 finger curls. I am aiming for a whole month of this, my highest streak was 15 days before I went on holiday.

6.YouTube more
I have done 2 videos for reviews and want to try do more. I just can’t decide what to do – general vlog or make it about a specific theme or topic. Might just do randoms until I get the hang and feel comfortable.

7. Cut back on the processed foods
We are eating more and more craps, and not enough home cooked meals – mainly for ease and convenience – but I am going to meal plans and try cook in advance more fresh meals.

8. Potty train Max
Time to get started with the potty for him, he is showing more of an interest in using it.

9. Sort through the kids toys
It’s time for a other clear out, I already have a bag for the charity shop and some for mum’s house so that is a start, but all in all there is just too much stuff that none of them play with at all.

10. Loft clear out
Out loft is currently a dumping ground for all the craps we don’t want to get rid off just yet, and the amount of empty boxes for items that we are keeping “just in case” is also mental. I went up there yesterday and I could hardly move. Time for a complete clear out I think. I may need to do it in bits and pieces or wait until Jack is at school them only have the two kids to worry about.


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