The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box #86 Dec 2020

Decembers box is filled with some great goodies!
I think I was expecting more ‘Christmas’ theme goodies, but we did get a jolly snowman which was delicious 🙂

Harpers Jaffa Cake Candle (rrp £5.00)
This smells good enough to eat! Exactly like a Jaffa cake

Grey Poupon Vegan Mayonaise (rrp £2.50)

Loch Ness Bakery Cranachan Cream (rrp £1.89)

Jolly Snowman (rrp £0.90)

Firetree 75% Cocoa Bar (rrp £2.50)

Tribe Snow Bombs (rrp £1.99)

Insane Grain Salted Caramel Puffs (rrp £1.09)
These were oddly nice, I think the flavour

British Crisp Co Roast Beef (rrp £0.99)
Amazon flavour! Tasted exacly like roast beef flavour

This Months Recipe:

Vegan Mince Pie Cupcakes

Box Value: £16.96


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