The vegan kind lifestyle box #85 Nov 2020

Another month, another vegan goodie box! Honestly was so excited when I opened it this months.

Ecoegg (rrp £9.99)

I have been longing to try this for longest time, so was super excited and surprised to see it in this months box.

Once I have used up my current soap powder I can wait to crack this open and try it out.

Sweet zone Rainbow Belts (rrp £0.80)

just like the sweetzone pencils from the other month these did not last long! The kids loved them and so did I

Synder Pretzel Pieces (rrp £1.59)

Amazing and so good my omni hubby stole them and ate them all!

Rhythm 108 Swiss Chocolate Bar (rrp £3.99)

This was a nice smooth ‘milk’ chocolate, at almost £4 a bar I definety think it will be a once in a while treat as that is a fairly hefty price for a chocloate bar. Though it was sooo good!

Only Plant Based Chipolte Mayo (rrp £2.95)

honestly I haven’t tried this yet, waiting to try it was a nice vegan burger.

New England Cookie Co Millionaire’s cookie (rrp £1.99)

These didnt last long, the kids enjoyed them, I felt there were a little stale tasting.

PLAYinCHoc (rrp £1.69)

This chocolate bar was three little bars that was so creamy! Will definetly be on the look out for this in the shops.

MyVegan Pea-Nut square (rrp £1.99)

I wasn’t too keen on this, maybe I will try a different flavour as I am not keen on orange flavour chocolate.

This Months Recipe: Vegan Carbonara

I am scared to try this one as I really used to love hubbys non-vegan carbonara and I am not sure what this will be like with the vegan alternatives.

Box Value: £25.26


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