The start of half term..

The kids are off school for February half term and don’t go back until Tuesday. It feels like they haven’t been back at school long enough to warrant this holiday, but hey ho. We don’t have much planned at all, Kate is visiting the weekend and the weather is supposed to be pretty bad – we have snow forecast for the weekend,

I went to mum’s today as she had started painting and had a ton of stuff that she wanted me to take to the tip to get rid of. I took the kids to my dads whilst we were going to be doing this as I needed to put the back seats down so I could get all the crap in the car.
I left the kids and the car seats with him, and when I put the seats down I noticed that it looks like when they valet the car when we bought it they just power washed all the crap in behind the seats so don’t notice it when the seats are up but put them down – well I am mad as I never knew it was this bad it has started to crack the fabric and all the muck is ingrained in and gone hard. Don’t think will be able to fix it now…

Anyway I digress.,… we loaded the car with mums stuff and headed to the tip – which is basically a recycle centre that you take all the stuff that wont fit in your everyday bin. In throwing stuff in I think I have lost my bracelet that I got for my birthday from my Aunt G – I only noticed about and hour ago that I wasn’t wearing it any more- I am gutted.

It was going on 1 pm so we got a chicken fillet bucket from KFC and had lunch at dad’s with the kids before heading to mum where I helped her do some painting. It was a nightmare with the kids as they wanted to help, the dog was getting in the way then Lucy made herself sick as she was tired and wanted the paint and got worked up crying so much she was sick. FML

So mum promptly had had enough and sent us home – don’t blame her to be honest, I had had enough at that point as well. She kept Jack for a sleep over so I will pick him up tomorrow.




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