We woke up to snow this morning!! I mean really!?

It was just a light dusting and we didnt think it would stay as it was more sleet than full on snow, Kate, Lee and the kids headed to Asda to get me my Valentines for tomorrow – nothing like last minute eh? lol When they got back it and just after lunch the snow really had taken momentum. I have not seen snowflakes as big as these in a long long time!”


The #snow has finally arrived and the #snowflakes are massive!

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We were supposed to be going on a date night but decided against it as the roads were pretty bad outside and there has been no sign of a gritter or plow all day, and the last thing we wanted was to get stuck on the hill. So instead we ordered a takeaway and just watched some movies with the kids.

Mail call this week:

I got one postcard and ton of things to review 🙂 excited!


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