Happy Valentines Day



Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now I am going to admit that we dont usualy really bother with today, after almost 10 years it just another day really, but I will admit that I do like to be spoiled and loved though it shouldnt just be on this one day a year that happens right?

Anyway this year I was organised with regards to a card for Lee, as like I say we usually don’t bother and this year it was a great one.


I Love Cuddling with you after a long day.

Well, sitting next to you as we play on our phones, not talking and hardly touching


I thought the card was very fitting as this is exactly what we are like, laying in bed on our phones 🙂 

From Lee I got the mug saying “you’ll do I suppose” which is very appt as this is something we say to one another in jest, cupacke chocolates and the sign “All You Need Is Love” which believe it or not I have been looking at something of a similar design in B & M but never got round to getting it yet.

He did good this year!

We are going out tonight for dinner and then to see Deadpool, Kate is kindly offering to watch the kids. We have not been out so many times in one month!


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