4 Unique Things To Do This Spring

If you’ve started the new year, as I have, wondering what interesting new activities to fill the year with, then you are not alone. You might already be thinking of half term and maybe even the Easter holidays. Sometimes it can feel like you’ve already done it all before, can’t it? But don’t worry – there’s always new activities to try out. I am always thrilled when I find out about a new trend to try out, or – even better – when someone has rehashed an old one and made it better. If you’re stuck for ideas for exciting things to do this spring, then have a look at this.


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Foreign Festivals

Festivals are nothing new, of course, but have you been to one recently? Maybe you gave them up a long time ago, thinking you had outgrown them. But there are so many new festivals cropping up all the time that you’d be mad not to give one or two of them a go. Particularly across Europe, there are loads of fun and friendly music festivals. They provide the perfect setting for a weekend abroad. And plenty of them are kid-friendly too, with special family camping areas so you don’t have to worry.


Boot Camp

If you want to get in shape this spring, then consider going to a boot camp. Boot camps are a fun and efficient way of losing weight and getting trim. Some of them, like Prestige Boot Camp, have lots of different locations all over the UK, so the chances are good that there is one near you. If you’ve never been to a boot camp before, they are well worth a go. Even if you’re happy with your body, they can be a fun way to spend a weekend. And you usually meet some pretty interesting people too.



Belly Dancing

I love belly dancing – it is such a great way to stay in shape while having loads of fun. You might have made the mistake of thinking that you have to have a certain physique for belly dancing, but that’s not the case! Anybody can learn to belly dance, and it is well worth the effort for how quickly you see the results. Even after only one lesson, you will be jiggling away like mad! There are lots of different belly dancing classes across the country, so have a look.


Learn to Hula Hoop

Remember hula hooping at school? Well, nowadays, it’s a whole other sport! And I do mean sport. Hoopers, as they are known, are well-versed in the ways of the hula hoop – and they can do some incredible stuff! The great thing about hula hooping at this time of year is that you don’t need to do it outdoors; it is just as well suited to a large hall. So even if the weather isn’t looking great, you have no excuse not to give hula hooping a go. Hooping is also a surprisingly effective means of exercise. Once again, there are lots of classes, so seek one out and give it a go this spring!


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