[Review] RFID Blocking Sleeves #Blockit

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I got sent these little card holders and I am going to be honest I didn’t really understand what they were actually designed to do.

Turns out the little chip on you cards can get hacked(!) and these little cards help protect that from happening, I got six sleeves and each one holds one card – it is a tight fit and there is no chance of your card falling out of it I can assure you of that! I loved the designs I got in my set.

 Now whilst I found these to be a good idea, I also found them time consuming to use – as in I had to take the card out my purse, then out of the holder to actually use my card – an extra step in protecting my information I guess is one I have to just sacrifice. I however, do not know if I am protected and if it has blocked me being scammed – that is something that I guess I will never ever actually know, and hope to never find out! 

I have been using theses since I got them I have also given one to my mum as well – it is better to be safe than hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

You can get your RFID Blocking Credit Card Holders from Amazon



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