How To Encourage Your Children To Spend More Time Outside

As modern day parents, it can be easy to entertain your children with smartphones, TV’s and tablets. But allowing them to spend their evenings and weekends sat in front of a screen is detrimental to their health and wellbeing. Think back to how you used to spend your time after school and on the weekends. You probably spend a lot more time outside than your children do now. So it’s time to take away the screens and encourage your kids to spend more time outside with this helpful guide.


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Plant a garden

If you have a small space in your garden, let your kids put it to better use. Giving them the responsibility to maintain and care for their own garden space will give them confidence and a daily focus. You could let them decide what they would like to plant in the area to get them interested. Try to steer them towards options that do not require too much hard work to grow and maintain. Potatoes, runner beans and strawberry plants are some fruit and vegetables that are relatively easy to grow and care for. Or you could just stick to flowers that need little attention such as sunflowers and marigolds. If you choose plants that are too difficult to care for, you may find that your children lose interest, and you end up doing all the hard work. Gardening is a fulfilling activity that will teach your kids about nutrition, pollination and how food is made. Buy them a child-sized gardening set to boost their excitement even further.

Go camping

Instead of always staying in a hotel when you go on holiday, why not give camping a try. This is an ideal way to encouraging your whole family to spend time outside together. It’s also a wonderful way of introducing your children to nature and promotes teamwork. You could stay on a campsite near to a beach where you can spend your days exploring rock pools and admiring shells. A campsite in or near to a forest also provides opportunities for adventure and exploration. Camping also encourages lots of exercise through hiking and outdoor games. If you feel your family is not ready for a week of camping, set up a tent in your garden for the night. You could play games, read stories and cook outside for a brilliant family experience.


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Go on a photo safari

Photo safaris are a fantastic way of giving you and your kids a new perspective on nature and wildlife. Use your garden or a local park and get your children to take lots of photographs on a camera of the plants and animals that live there. This will open your children’s eyes into just how many creatures they share the world with, and photography may even become a new hobby for them. Print off their best photographs and let them create their own nature photo album to enhance their learning even more.

With these ideas in mind, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your children having fun outside. They may get messy, but that’s all part of the fun.


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