PostCrossing Update 1

Happy weekend every one!
I am having a lazy one this weekend – normally I go over to my mums, but I got a long lie in with breakfast in bed today” So decided to have a day at home,

So I have joined up with post crossing a few years ago now and I have only really just got back into it when I started the whole pen palling again, and I thought I would maybe do a weekly update of any cards I receive during the week.

For my first update I have three cards to show you:2016-01-09 13.15.32

This one is from Lithuania, and I jist love it 🙂 its cute and love the tea cup


2016-01-13 11.22.45-2

This from Russia


2016-01-21 12.51.50-1 (1)

And this is from Netherlands. Sorry this is a bit blurry no idea what I have done when I took the picture.


I love getting postcards from all over the world, and it is nice to learn a little about where they are coming from. I wonder where my next one will be from?

I have some to post tomorrow heading to Russia and Germany and I need to pick up some more when I am out.


Do you collect postcards? Are you on Postcrossing?


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