Its been a Warcraft kinda weekend..


This weekend has been mostly spent playing Warcraft of WoW as most people call it….

Lee and myself have been doing all the classic stuff as I am on a achievement kick to get every one there is possible with my main character Einin who is above. She is a level 100 Draenie Hunter and the only one I have so far to reach 100 – Lee currently has three! That is because he doesn’t waste his time like me doing stupid stuff….. Never mind.

If I would just put the same effort into one of my other characters I would have them all up to 100 by now.

Anyhow a random post to keep up with my blogging challenge – I had forgot to take my posts for the last few days out of draft opps! But I am happy with how I am doing so far – I am not really liking the propmts which you can tell as I haven’t been using them, I am just skipping the ones I don’t like or appeal to me and thus actually having to come up with some sort of post! eek!



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