Review #Bonapiel Cellulite Treatment & Body Firming Cream

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**I received this product free or heavily discounted in exchange for my honest review *

Cellulite Treatment & Body Firming Cream

For the price I feel that the packaging for this product is very very basic. It comes shrink wrapped and also has a seal over the opening. As soon as I opened the seal I was hit by the most amazing smell. It has a orange zest smell, but I couldn’t see that on the list of ingredients.

It has thick creamy feel to it but it soaks into the skin well and didn’t leave me feeling tacky afterwards. The scent is quite strong to start with but as it dries it gets lighter. I have been using this for a few weeks now and I cant say that I notice a huge difference, though what cellulite I do have on my thighs does seem to be slightly reduced and my skin feels slightly tighter. Perhaps with more use I will notice more a difference.=, it certainly has made my skin feel really smooth though.

The bottle is a 180ml and I see this lasting a while as you don’t need a lot of it as like I say it soaks into the skin really well.

You can purchase your from Amazon and Amazon UK


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