[Review] OshunWhite


OSHUNwhite | Premium Coco Oil Pulling Kit

I have a heard a lot of people talking about oil pulling but I have never really tried it myself and didn’t really know what to expect.

With OSHUNWhite you get a 14 day supply, it comes in a lovely presentation box and it comes with a leaflet explaining oil pulling and it has contact information. The flavour I received was peppermint.


Day 1- I couldn’t even keep it in my mouth it was lardy and tasted disgusting and I actually thought I was going to be sick! I managed to keep some in my mouth and lasted about a minute.
Day 2 – I put my reservations behind me from day one and made sure it was well warmed up and more fluid before I put in my mouth. I started putting a small amount in at a time and lasted about 5 min this time.


I will be honest the taste and texture is disgusting, but I am already seeing results after 1 week – if you can persevere with it, it will be worth it.


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