Review #Bonapiel Stretch Marks and Scars Cream

#Review #Bonapiel 


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Stretch Marks and Scars Cream

This is really rich and creamy and it smells similar to the Cellulite Cream though not asstrong. My main problem areas are my inner thighs and I have a 2 year old c-section scar. 

The cream feels really smooth when you apply it and it absorbs really well into the skin without leaving any residue or making it feeling tacky.

I have been using this for a few weeks now and the redness on one part of my scar is reduced,  however I don’t see much difference to my stretch marks though I feel with more use I may see a difference.

This cream comes in a 120ml tub and it smells amazing, it also shrink wrapped so you know its not been tampered with.

You can get yours from Amazon


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