[Review] BAS -TeK Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch


BAS -TeK Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch

Rating: * * *

I have always admired my friends Apple watch so when I got the chance to review this I jumped at it! I currently have a HTC M8 running Marshmallow.
The watch arrived well ahead of the expected delivery, and it arrived in a nice presentation box. Inside you get the watch, charger cable and instruction leaflet. The charge cable is a decent length and it charged up really quickly.

In order for it work with your phone you need to install an app – I was wary of doing so via unknown sources and would have preferred an actually app from the Play store.
Pairing the watch to phone was easy once I realised that I had to press the far left button to “accept” the pair – this is not made clear in the instructions – apart from that one thing the instructions are clear and easy to follow.
The watch itself is nice and lightweight to wear and the rubber strap is a nice change to leather. I chose the Gold and I am really pleased with how it looks though the back of watch is covered in lots of scratches with makes me wonder if it has already been used before – it also came with a screen protector already attached I just had to remove the second part.


The touchscreen is clunky to say the least, I had to tap it several times in order to do anything and scrolling through my phone book was a PITA – fine if wanted to call my mum under A but hubby at L was annoying. The colours and display reminds me of my first colour phone, but for the price what do you expect? I was able to make and receive calls with ease and could read any messages I received easily also.


For the price this is a great entry level smart watch, it has given me a feel for what a smart watch can do and would recommend it to people who are looking for something cheap to try.

** I received this product heavily discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, this does not alter my view in any way. I hope you found my review helpful **


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