A Gift Guide For Coffee Lovers

A good cup of coffee is such a treat. The rich aroma, the little kick you get when you have finished the cup. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think you have too much of the stuff. But the occasional cup on a Saturday morning with a croissant or after a nice meal is just perfect. If you have some coffee lovers in your life, why not check out my gift guide below for some cool ideas.


The OMG, You Need To Stop Drinking So Much Coffee Friend!

Decaf. You should get them decaf. They don’t need any more encouragement!


The Coffee Addicted Friend

If your friend can only grunt in response to your questions until they have had their coffee fix the morning, they may well be a bit of a coffee addict. If so, then an amusing mug like this one could be the right gift. If nothing else at least it lets everyone around them know to keep a wide distance until they have drained their first cup of the morning!

Another cool gift for the coffee addict in your life is a shiny, all singing and all dancing espresso machine. Some of these are seriously sexy pieces of kits and are built in a way that is reminiscent of an Italian sports car, all chrome and red. If you are looking to go the full mile, why not get one with a milk frother too, then they can have freshly made Cappuccinos in the comfort of their own home.


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The Coffee Drinking Friend

For your friend that likes a few cups a day why not get them one of the new fangled coffee pod machines? They have really come down in price lately, and you can get lots of different styles and flavours of coffee to make in them. Particularly popular seem to be the Latte, Mocha and Irish Coffee varieties. They are super easy you just put your glass below the spout, pop the pod in the machine and go. Your friend might also appreciate some double-walled drinking glasses like these, so they don’t burn their hands on their drink!





The Coffee Once A Day Friend

For the once a day coffee drinker, buying a machine is probably a bit much. But there is a way they can still have freshly brewed coffee. Get them a hario v60 filter, which can be used to make a single cup or a whole pot, with just a paper filter and some ground coffee. Easy. A nice gift to go with this would be some nice coffee beans or an electric coffee grinder.


The Very Occasional Coffee Drinking Friend

For the very occasional coffee drinking friend in your life, why not get them some some ornate espresso cups? Even if they are not using them all that often, it is always nice to have good crockery to serve you guest on at special occasions. Also, they might display them on their dresser when they are not in use.

What category do you fall into? I am teetering between the Once a Day and Very Occasional


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