Mistakes Parents Make Which Can Cause Long-Term Damage To Their Child’s Health 

Parents have the biggest influence on their child’s development and health. After all, things they learn as a child they often take forward to their adulthood. Therefore, it’s so important that as parents, we show our kids the importance of leading a healthy life. You don’t want to look back and wish you did things differently. Here are some top errors parents make which can cause long-term damage to their child’s health, so you can avoid them at all costs.


Not stopping them from spending too much time online

Bringing up a child in the modern world has created a new array of risks for parents. After all, kids can talk to strangers, and are in danger of getting bullied online without you even knowing. In fact, a lot of dangers online can affect your child’s health in the long-term. A lot of kids start becoming body conscious due to the pictures online. And also if they are getting bullied online, it can lead to depression. Therefore, you need to make sure you limit their time online for the sake of their mental health. Encourage them to take part in sports such as swimming or football which will get them fit and stop them spending so much time online. You might want to put a limit on how much internet they can use a day. For example, you ought to limit them to an hour or two after school. That way, you can help your child grow up to have good mental health.

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Not forcing them to wear a helmet

It’s so important that you teach your kid the dangers of the road for the sake of their health. And one of these is the importance of wearing a helmet when cycling. A lot of kids moan about putting one on. And it appears parents sometimes give in as this article says 82% of children do not wear bicycle helmets. But if your child gets injured and isn’t wearing a helmet, they could end up with a brain injury. In fact, a lot of lawyers such as ASB Aspire deal with head injuries resulting from cycle accidents. Therefore, make sure your kid has a helmet on before they leave the house.

Not limiting their snacks

It’s a scary fact that there are over two million children overweight in the UK. And it’s often caused by the child eating a poor diet. And if they are overweight when they are young, they tend to be an unhealthy weight when they are older. And as you may know, it’s so important to maintain a healthy weight to prevent illnesses such as diabetes. Therefore, you need to ensure you are feeding your child a healthy diet for the sake of their future. Cutback their snacks to stop them from consuming too many high-fat foods. And you can read our previous blog for some foods your child should be eating instead!

And it’s so important as parents that we are showing them how to live a healthy lifestyle. Brush your teeth twice a day to show your kids the importance of dental health. And avoid significant alcohol consumption if you want your child to not drink a large amount in the future. And most importantly, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to ensure they stay healthy too!


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