Things That Healthy People Just Don’t Do


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Being around a group of healthy people can actually be really intimidating. If they know their stuff, you can just end up feeling like the untoned slob in the corner. If you work in an office, they’ll always be a group of exercise conscious people who love to run together after work. If it’s not running, it might be yoga. Whatever it is, their confidence might put you off of trying. It could have the opposite effect, though. If being around a set fitness fanatics at work does inspire you to get yourself into gear, it’s a good idea to take a look at what habits they do and don’t do. They haven’t got that killer body by fluke – they’ve worked at it. This is the first thing that to have to accept – if you want to make a difference you’re going to have to make some positive changes. Here are some things that got and healthy people don’t do:

1. The don’t consistently eat junk

You’re not going to see the girl with the toned bum eating a McDonalds at her desk every day. And it’s not just the big meals either. A busy office is often full of snacks. There’s something about the working day that encourages people to eat biscuits constantly. It’s ok to indulge yourself with a treat every day but try your hardest not to eat four biscuits a day. It’s not good for your body your health or your skin! Be mindful of what you eat.

2. Don’t smoke cigarettes

The person who has skin that glows without a scrap of make-up is not the same person you’ll see smoking a cigarette on their break at work. If you are trying to quit smoking, there are many things out there that will help you. It’s important that you have a fair bit of willpower, but will also help you. Quitting smoking is one of the most rewarding things that you can do for your mind body and soul. You’ll feel so proud of yourself if you do it. Don’t give up on giving up!

3. Move more

If you’re the kind of person that really hates to walk, now is a good time to try and change that. If your journey only takes you 5 minutes in the car, you really should be considering walking that journey. You only need to move a little bit more to give your workout routine a kick-start. From that point, you can start to incorporate more a more rigorous exercise regime.

The important thing to remember when you start living a healthier lifestyle is that it’s not going to be easy straight away. It takes commitment and inner strength! Stick to it though, and you’ll start to see results. A healthier lifestyle will clear up bad skin, help you look fitter and give you more energy. What are you waiting for…it’s time to get started!


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