Refuse To Let Your Diet Slip With These Winter Workout Tips

We all know what it’s like to lack the motivation to work out. The temptation to switch off your 6am alarm that was set with the intention of a gym session before work is all too real. After a long day, it’s so much easier to just order a pizza than to spend hours slaving away over a healthy dinner. But as soon as winter hits us, it can get even worse. You have to be a special kind of person to be able to find motivation to get up and work out when it’s still dark outside. Plus, leaving your office to find that it’s already dark when you leave work can also make you just want to curl up on the sofa with a cup of cocoa. Winter food is the other vice that can easily throw our fitness progress off track. Gone are the days of light summer salads and fresh pasta dishes. Winter is all about hearty stews, filling carbs and lots of sweets and cakes. But overindulging over winter can leave you feel miserable for the coming spring season. Of course, there are certain times during winter where it’s more than acceptable to have a blowout – Halloween and Christmas being just two examples. But overdo it, and you’ll find yourself panicking in March about the need to get back your ‘summer body’. Yo-yo dieting can also be bad for your health – so rather than accepting that you’ll put weight on in winter and then try and shed it all for summer, try to keep to a weight that you feel comfortable with all year round. If you do need a little push to kick-start your winter fitness routine, however, then look no further…


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Make it easier to get up

There’s no better feeling than being wrapped up in your warm duvet whilst the rest of the house is freezing. Well, that is until your alarm goes off and you need to get out of your bed! If the rest of your house is cold, just getting ready can be the first barrier to cross – let alone actually starting a workout. Make the idea of getting up more appealing by heating up the rest of your home in a morning. If the temperature is the same as in your bed (and you don’t need to get dressed in under 30 seconds) you’ll be more likely to get moving. Adjust your thermostat and put your workout clothes on the radiator so you can still be toasty on your drive to the gym. If you do all this and you still can’t bring yourself to work out in the mornings, why not get a friend on board too? You are much more likely to turn up to the gym if you have a friend to hold you accountable – or even better if they rely on you for a lift.


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Overhaul your diet

In winter, we are pre-dispositioned to eat a lot more stodgy, carb-laden food in an effort to help keep us warm. This is completely natural so there’s no reason why you need to shun your natural cravings in favour of a cold salad. But it is important to consider whether you are choosing healthy carbs and fats or unhealthy ones. If you’re a big fan of roast potatoes, why not try swapping them for some homemade sweet potato wedges? Changing all your white carbs for brown carbs gives you added fiber to your diet, essential for maintaining winter health. Plus, you will feel fuller for longer, which means you’ll be less inclined to snack on fast food. If you are still struggling to find a healthy balance with your winter diet, why not try orlistat for weight loss?


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Choose the right equipment

Ever heard the phrase ‘all the gear, no idea’? When it comes to winter, you may need to seriously think about your fitness wear and any kind of equipment you use. Still going out for your morning run in shorts and your gym top? No wonder you’d rather stay in bed! Even though we build up a sweat when exercising outdoors whatever the weather, it is still important to wear layers to avoid contracting a dangerous illness such as hyperthermia. Even if you go to a gym where you are safe indoors, be aware that some of the machines could be slippy from people’s  wet shoes. With that in mind, make sure your winter gym trainers have plenty of grip. If you are a regular cyclist, it’s a good idea to have a winter safety check done on your bike, as you could need the tyres replacing.


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