Micro Monday #3 (on Tuesday..)

Opps I missed posting this… It was stuck in draft mode…

Micro monday on a Tuesday, oh boy! Is it just me or does the weeks seem to be flying by? It seems like was just writing micro monday #2 and bam it’s now week 3!

Anyway, poped into town yesterday to pay Avon money into bank and have a wee look around for Xmas present ideas for the munchkins – it’s so hard this year as Lucy is at that awkward age where things I want to get her are for 18 mth plus or 6 mth – and we still have a lot of toys from Max Xmas last year that are for her age range. I am at a lose as to what to get her also her 1st birthday is end of January…

It’s going to get harder for Jack as well as he isn’t into toy much now he more into computer games lol

Plus I have the grandparents asking what to get them! Hope I get some ideas soon as can’t just get them clothes – even though there are tons I love for all 3 of them 🙂

Oh the joys! Plenty of time right…?


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