Insanity wk3 day 2 – I failed!

I am cross with myself.
I did my workout, but I had next to no desire to do it today. I felt exhausted, sick and plain old urgh when doing it.
My heart wasn’t in it today and I have to say I failed today.

I say out a few exercises as I just didn’t have the energy to pull them off 🙁 and now I feel totally sore, and my knee hurts (I kinda twisted out of a stretch and that’s when I started to hurt.

I do hope that I do better tomorrow, as I feel bad st myself for not being in the zone.

Anyone else get like that? I think maybe I am a little down as my fit test results – I think I my head I feel I should have done better even though my body says I did enough. Guess I still need to train my brain in that respect…

Here’s to tomorrow’s workout.



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