Insanity day 6…

Yes! That is week one done and dusted and I feel great!
Today was back to plyometric cardio and the bloody level 1 drill that I hated on day 2.

Remember them? Yeah so did my body and it gave way and said enough when they came one screen lol.


It was a late workout today as I have been out day and I have come to the conclusion that I do so much better at it, when I work out around 2pm. That is twice now I have done it after 5/6pm and hated it.

Tomorrow is my rest day – it should be Sunday but since my week started last Sunday it’s tomorrow. Not sure what I am going to do with myself, I know rest days are important but just want to keep on going. 

Got tons of veggies today for my meals next week, definitely not enjoying meat right now, so need to meal plan for myself and then separate for the rest of the family … Joys!

And the one thing I forgot to buy was chocolate milk! Everyone seems to say that it is a great after workout recovery drink and does the same thing as the high priced recovery formulas they push you buy at the end of the workout. Hate milk, but willing to bet it is better than the powder stuff.


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