Insane in the membrane

If there are any World of Warcraft readers you will get the title 🙂

I must be insane, I came home from mums today to discover Lee had done the insanity fit test. He didn’t complete it, but I took up the challenge to see if I could and to see just how terrible I would be.

I was surprised that firstly, I managed to complete the test and second that I also did better than Lee on some numbers! Never did I imagine that I would do as well as I did.

My stats:
Switch kicks 71
Power Jacks 22
Power knee 54
Power jumps 20
Globe jumps 3
Suicide jumps 7
Push up jacks 0
Low plane oblique 26

Ha! The push up jacks were a joke, I have zero upper body strength and well as you can see I didn’t even manage a single one. I doubt the next time I do the test I will be able to, but I am aiming for at least 1 or 2 at a push (lol no pun intended)

This is me after completion, I am so tired I couldn’t stand up! My legs felt like jelly.

Here is my first progress shot – day one. I am slightly embarrassed to post this, but that is what this all about isn’t it – being comfortable in your own skin.


Now I have finally started I am determined to see it through for the next 60 days!

Wish me luck, and check back each Sunday for progress pictures 🙂


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