Homeward bound

** This is a back dated post – I wrote in my journal what we did as I had no internet to post **

Well we are heading home today 🙁 It has gone in quick again this year. We had to be out for 10am and I am glad that I packed most of the stuff last night. I got our jammies and little bits and bobs all loaded up and we checked out at 9:40,

We were meeting Kate and Mike and the Chain Bridge Honey Farm at 11 am but we arrived at 10:15!! I text Kate to let her know we have arrived early and were having a look around, they arrived about 11am

The honey farm is ok if you like honey and bees – me not so much lol I hate the taste of honey and when you are in such close proximity to a ton of live bee hives there are obvious tons of bees flying about! There was a wee play area for the kids so they had a good time running about there for a while, then we had some scones and coffee and a wee natter before heading home.

Lucy was so tired that she was just screaming so I was beginning to get stressed and just wanted home, its not fun for anyone hearing her scream and people were looking at me as if to say do something about it! I hate situations like that as it just makes me panic and I am fairly sure I am beginning to suffer anxiety attacks – not fun I can tell you!

Once she was in the car and we stared out the place she was out like a light! She piratically slept until we hit the other side of Edinburgh – even Jack and Max had a sleep so the rest of the drive was blissfully quiet. We got home to mums house for about 2:30pm and I got Lee to some and swap the cars over as there is my now car less now that Steve is home. I am going to miss this car I can tell you thats for sure.

Well that is us now home and our holiday well and truly over, just another 6 weeks left until School starts! yay!


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