haggy day4

** This is a back dated post – I wrote in my journal what we did as I had no internet to post **

The thunderstorm was apparently quite bad last night! I slept through it all, I did wake up at one point to the rain on the roof and head the thunder but didnt see any lightning. Mum said she was up watching the ligtning and it was pretty scary (from her point of view as she hates it!).

Anyway this morning was the day the Character Breakfast was on!! Yay! 



Polly the Lifeguard and Anxious the Elephant. Lucy loved Anxious!! She just wouldn’t let her go, and was screaming to get back to her when she was at the other children. Will need to get a toy Anxious before we leave I think!

We had a full breakfast – sausage, bacon, eggs, beans and hash browns – and it was totally lush. After breakfast we headed to the swimming pool. It was brilliant! It was the first time that Max and Lucy had been in a pool and Jack was showing no fear now and jumping in and going under the water. Max was my little water boy he definitely has no fear at all what so ever! He was happily diving off the steps and trying to tread water, miss Lucy sat at the edge with Nana on the little step into the pool and at first she wasn’t sure about it but then she was getting into it splashing away and laughing.

I think we were in the pool for a good two hours, it was a nightmare to get Max out as he was just loving it so much. After we eventualluy got out and dried and dressed we headed back to the caravan for lunch and the kids had a wee play out side. tghen we deccied to head for a we walk to burn of steam

We tried to walk to a beach that we were told you could get to from the site, but it was too muddy to find it last year so we thought we would have a go this time around. The path was much better but it was going to be miles to get there that also involved crossing the railway track! We decided against going any further as I felt it was too dangerous and headed back the way we came, 2 trains went speeding by within min of us decided to walk back!

Max had a wee nap when we got back so i decided to go an have a nice long shower whilst Jack played ipad and Lucy watched a movie with nana. As it is our last night we are heading out for dinner to the Mash & Barrel in the complex then hit up the arcade machines 🙂 I got a sirloin steak for dinner and it was delicious!

After dinner we went to the arcade and a got some more tickets it was getting late so we traded in our tickets we had 207 – there was a guy in front of me that had 3560!!! God knows how much money they spent to get that amount or they may have just been lucky who knows. I got the kids their character souvenirs from the shop and then we headed home to the caravan. 

We need to leave at 10 am tomorrow so I have packed up the car with practically everything we don’t need right now and our jammies and toiletries I will pack in the morning. We are meeting Kate and Mike on the way home tomorrow at the Honey Farm



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