Hello October!


I have missed blogging, for me the summer months seem to be when I take a break then I ramp it over the autumn/winter months (kinda), not only that I have been having a crap few months, that I haven’t felt like writing. In July I had the most amazing holiday, but yet I still have the posts for it in draft as I have not completed them yet. It seems a moot point to post them now, but I may make some of them review posts for the hotels etc .

October is my favourite month – its the start of autumn and Halloween is right around the corner! I love Halloween and I can’t wait to get the decorations down from the loft and spooky-fy the house!

Goals for October

  • Take part in Blogtober17 and do it every day this year!
  • 12 week nutritional bootcamp
    Hubby has had amazing results from doing this the last 12 weeks, and now it is my turn to start this next round. Look out for my post about this in a few days time.
  • No Spend Month
    with the exception of food and car related stuff I am aiming to save to blitz the xmas shopping in November


What are some of your goals for October?





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