Haggerston Castle here we come!

** This is a back dated post – I wrote in my journal what we did as I had no internet to post **


We are using Steve’s car this week to go away, and since it is a much smaller boot that our car it filled up pretty quickly! It actually looked worse due to all the food stuff we are taking down with us as they took up most of the room! Thankfully they wont be coming home with us!

We stopped and McDonalds at Berwick, on the way down for some lunch to kill some time before we could check in to the park. Max decided to sleep in the car after lunch so we went for a wee drive to Holy Island. Only we couldnt actually get to the island as the tide was in, so we went to the park and chanced that it might be ready to get in – this was about 1:30 and think we were allowed to check in from 2pm.

Turn out it was ready and we were good to go. We got the exact same caravan as last year and in the same spot as well! We got unpacked and the kids went hyper from being cooped up in the car for hours, I got stressed so we decided to go for a walk up to the complex and we got some ice cream and had a wee shot in the arcade machines.

There are these machines that give you tickets as prizes that  you can save up and redeem for stuff in the wee shop, htere isnt much cheap stuff this year but we are armed with a ton of coins this year and know what ones are good for tickets. Last year we only discovered the whole ticket prize thing on our last day!

After we headed back to the caravan we decided to order in pizza for dinner and then have a movie night with popcorn – we watched Flushed Away and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

It is now 9pm and everyone is in bed – and I mean everyone! Max is in the little twin room with Jack mum is on the bedroom and I am in the livingroom with Lucy in the travel cot.

Tomorrow we are planning on hitting the beach as it is supposed to be a scorcher of a dayt

I was planning on reading or maybe doing some penpal letters but think I will just call it a night as well and get some sleep!



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