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Full disclosure this is NOT an ad, sponsored or paid post, I purchased this trip myself and I want to share my honest review.

Dynamic Earth

During the Easter break we met up with the Lee’s sister Dawn, her husband Paul and the cousins and went on an adventure to Dynamic Earth – this is the second time I we have been here, but the first for the cousins. I have to admit it is a good learning place – though expensive! I think we were in there just under 2 hours (around 1hr 30/45) which I guess isn’t too bad, though for a family of 5 it did cost us £61 to get in.

Welcome to Dynamic Earth

Once you have bought your tickets you head downstairs to begin your journey through the timeline of the earth. The first room you encounter is where you meet a holographic James Hutton, the man dubbed as the founding father of modern geology – here you learn all about his life, geology works and there are various displays in this room of rocks and lots of information about how the earth sits on plates and where the fault lines are. In the next room we are greeted with a giant globe of the earth which was animated and shows how the earth changed over time, next was the time machine!

Going back in time

This did make me feel a little dizzy – it was just a simulated lift with screens as seen in the video above to make you feel like you were going back in time. It was a cool effect and once done we found our journey has dumped us right back to the beginning of time itself in a spaceship!

In our “spaceship” we learned all about the creation of stars, the big bang, and how the planets and our own were created, once we crash landed on the newly formed earth we experience the tectonic shifts that make volcanoes – in this part of the experience the ground actually shakes and shudders moving you around – there are railing to hold on to and is suggest that small kids do. Lucy didn’t like this part and she didn’t the last time we visited – Jack couldn’t wait as this is by far his favourite part!

From the fiery volcanoes we then find ourselves in a room learning all about how glaciers shaped the earth, in video that shows some pretty epic scenery of Scotland. The next area is where you can learn about some of the animals that have lived on our planet through the ages, with lots of hands on fun and mini facts dotted about the room.

The kids enjoying some of the interactive games.

Turn the handle to light up the past 4500 million years

After we learned about the creatures from the past billions of years we enter an Arctic zone. Inside this area was freezing as it had a huge iceberg in the middle of the room, which you could try and melt with your hand!

Whilst in this zone we were advised that the 4D show was about start if we wanted jump in on it or wait for the next round to start. The kids decided they were too cold so we opted to do the show.

We were given special glasses (4D ones naturally) and grabbed a seat and enjoyed the show. We were travelling form the tundra to the Savannah into the ocean and then ended in the rain forest.

The 4D features saw us caught in a rather poor blizzard – I remember the last time we went we were covered in the foam snow then sent out, but this time it was barely blown out! Also the smells were toned down, but we did get the ground shakes. The 4D animals were so real looking you almost wanted to reach out and touch them! I did jump when the scorpion when to sting with its tail!

We didn’t spend enough time in the rain forest section as we were wanting to head to the Show Dome to see the video on Super Volcanoes, but we did mange to experience the tropical rainstorm before we left.

The Show Dome is a 360° cinema and we saw the Super Volcanoes show narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, the kids loved this and even I learned something new! There were three films on show the day we went – Super Volcanoes, We Are Stars and Capcom Go! The Apollo Story. We didn’t see the other two movies but instead headed to the gift shop.

We manged to escape the shop with relatively cheap purchases – they do have some pocket money sections that are £5 and under but they are just mostly slime items.

All in all the experience is worth the money as it is very educational and great learning for the kids, but price wise large families like us it is a lot when you take into consideration the parking (£13) or cost of transport to get there and then food when we were out. Hence why we don’t do days out to places like this very often but when we do it has to be worth it.

Current Prices:

Adult: £15.95
Child: £9.95
Family: Not Available

You can save £1.45 off an Adult Ticket and £1.00 off Child ticket if you book online before your visit.

Opening times:

Feb-Oct – 10am -5:30 (closing at 6:00 during July & August)


Dynamic Earth
Holyrood Road

W: https://www.dynamicearth.co.uk
T: 0131 550 7800

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